About the reproduction process


About giclee reproductions

Giclee (from the French for a spray or squirt, & pronounced Zhee-CLAY) is a print process that has developed enormously in the twenty years since it first appeared, and has become very popular both for original digitally-created work by artists, and for very high-quality reproductions.


It uses the same principle as a domestic ink-jet printer for your PC, but on a far larger machine, with massively increased control and precision.


With a high-quality digital photography source there are now far fewer intermediate stages, with attendant loss of image quality, than with older reproductions using transparencies of photographs to create offset-lithography plates for printing.


Although the process is very slow compared to offset-litho, each A0 size sheet of our reproductions taking 40 minutes to print off, there is no need to print off a large run, helping to keep costs low.   Our reproductions are priced according to size.


About our reproductions

Each print we reproduce is carefully selected by us by examination of the originals in the best museum collections. They must be of the highest artistic quality, have strong decorative qualities, and be available to us in an original impression of outstanding quality.


About half of our reproductions are based on new digital photographs of the originals commissioned by us. All the reproductions we sell are published and distributed exclusively by us (retail trade enquiries are welcomed).


The recent developments of high-quality digital photography and Giclee printing technology have improved the quality of reproduction possible. Our reproductions are produced by the best technological methods, but equally if not more important is our selection of the best original impressions of the best prints to reproduce, and then rigorous checking of proofs against the original prints. Most reproductions have been re-proofed and compared a number of times.


The great majority of our reproductions are the same size as the originals. A few are slightly larger. We believe it is important to the integrity of a reproduction to alter the size as little as possible.


A print is by definition an image printed on paper. As is a reproduction print.


This will always give a quality reproduction print a head start in terms of faithfulness to the original when compared to any reproduction on paper of a painting whose original is on canvas or wooden panel.


Our reproductions are printed on 308gsm Hahnemühle acid-free archival paper.   There are margins averaging 45mm on each side of the image - please note the figures given for size on the product notes are for the image size only and do NOT INCLUDE THE MARGINS - ask us to confirm the sheet size if you need this.  The artist, title, technique and date of the work appear below the image, with copyright info etc.