We have now ceased to publish reproductions of selected masterpieces of the European Print between, but continue to sell selected books on prints.  The rest of this site is retained for information only. Please click on "books" at right to go straight to our BOOKS page!


About us

Bodkin Prints grows out of our love for prints over several decades. We strongly believe that Old Master Prints are not as widely known as they deserve to be.


A print is by definition, an image printed on paper. As is a reproduction print. So a quality reproduction of a print will always have a head start in terms of faithfulness to the original compared to any reproduction on paper of a painting originally on canvas or wooden panel.


Reproduction Old Master Prints have superb decorative value in the home or office. Black and white prints will fit with any colour scheme, and can be framed with any colour mounting-mat for a colour highlight. Prints work well with both modern and traditional interiors, and are especially useful for impact at a small size.


Prints are too little-known partly because they cannot be permanently displayed by museums for conservation reasons.   Partly it is because the coming of high-quality colour photography in the last 50 years has led to a flood of pictures of paintings in all media that has swamped images of prints, which are (paradoxically) harder to reproduce well.


Most pictures of old prints encountered in books and the press are chosen for the historical significance of the subject-matter, rather than their artistic worth. This is natural, as prints functioned as the news photos and book-illustrations of their day.


But it means that even people with a strong interest in the arts have little awareness of the superb achievements of the Old Master Print. Fortunately for us, the same can be said of other publishers and sellers of reproductions.


Each print we reproduce is carefully selected as being of the highest artistic quality, having strong decorative qualities, and being available to us in an original impression of the best quality. We will add to the number of prints offered, to build up by stages to around one hundred.


The recent developments of high-quality digital photography and Giclee printing technology have improved the quality of reproduction possible. Our reproductions are produced by the best technological methods, but equally if not more important is our selection of the best original impressions of the best prints to reproduce, and then rigorous checking of proofs against the original prints. Most reproductions have been re-proofed and compared a number of times.


The great majority of our reproductions are the same size as the originals. A few are slightly different (mostly larger). We believe it is important to the integrity of a reproduction to alter the size as little as possible.


About half of our reproductions are based on new digital photographs of the originals commissioned by us. All the reproductions we sell are published and distributed exclusively by us (retail trade enquiries are welcomed).